Vasefinder Nationals 2006
Second Annual

Juror's Statement

A Message from Vasefinder

Calendar for this Event:

August 1: Exhibition launched online August 29: Prizes announced October 1: Prizes mailed

Our Exhibitors (click on photographs to review):
Betsy Cox
Marcia Selsor
Dale Pappas
Marty Cipar
Mike Swatzell

John Denis Ransmeier

First Place

Clyde Gobble
Evan Wagman
Tim Eberhardt
Robert and Bruce Diebboll

Joe Bruhin

Second Place

Kenneth Starbird
Diane Kenney
Father Anthony

Laura Korch

Honorable Mention

Richard Lang
Larry Percy
Cinders Richardson
Dayna Galletti
Ben Guess
Sam Scott
Samantha Henneke
Scott Cooper

John Glick

Honorable Mention

Charles Smith
Andrea Ciak
John W. Preus
Casey Clark

Nancy Darrell

Honorable Mention

Glennis Phillips
Tony Ferguson
Larry Davidson
Paul Herman
Eunice Prieto
Bruce Gholson
Michael Cohen
Bob Nelson
James Ibur
Larry Manning
Maurice Grossman
Roberta Griffith
Anne Webb
Lowell Webb

Tom Turner

Third Place

George LeMaitre
JoAnn F. Axford
John C. Karrasch
Sara Baker
Steven Branfman
Peter Chartrand
Toni Sodersten
Meech Miyagi
Lori Theriault
Randall E. Becker
Sachiko Campe
Margo Scarpulla
Jill Japan
Larry Dawson
Joe Winter
Jo Robinson
Michael A. Lalone
Amy Swanson

Bacia Edelman

Honorable Mention

William Clover
Peggy Papay
Deb Babcock
Elenor A. Wilson
Nils Lou
Curtis Hoard
Kurt Wild
Joe Robinson
Bonnie Staffel
Janet E. Trisler and George W. Palovich
Peggy Forman and Jan Schachter
Robert F. Jewett
Marcie Schwartzman
Kevin Lehman
Rebecca Morton
Warren Smith