Dear Public,

The Vasefinder Nationals 2006 is an exhibition marked by diversity. The diversity is ever present in the forms, clays, glazes and approaches of the 79 exhibitors from around the United States. My wife Sherry and I started this exhibition as a way for clay artists from the United States to showcase their talent for everyone to see. I am very proud to say I am involved in such a project that is not only about clay, but the values I believe a society should incorporate in its design: freedom, beauty, history and love for others. I want a better world for everyone, and I see it in the diversity that has touched this show.

I have many people to thank for the success of this event. Once again, I thank all the artists involved in this show for bringing the best you had to offer. I want to thank our juror Bill Farrell, who spent many hours to arrive at a decision. Bill, I am very grateful for all of your work. I want to thank the membership and sponsors of Vasefinder for not only supporting this exhibition through financial means but also supplying photographs and historical information to add to our museum research. I want to thank my wife, Sherry Blim, who inputted information and cross checked exhibitor after exhibitor to make sure the information, photography and data was accurate---not an easy job. I want to personally thank the Diebboll Family of Pines End Pottery of Michigan for creating the stunning trophy for this year's first place winner. Finally, I challenge the potters to bring the best they have for the Vasefinder Nationals 2007; I am certain we can make this world a better place to live through your design.


Charles A. Blim Jr., President