Vasefinder Nationals 2006
Exhibitor 21

Ben Guess

Townley, Alabama

Title: 3 Leg Vase

Year of Creation: 2006

Glaze: Clear crackle primitive fired

Clay Body: Hand mixed stoneware

Dimensions: Height 12 inches, Width 7.5 inches

Artist's Statement: My works encompass a range of topics that all revolve around the intricacies in my life or those around me. I use textures that would not normally be found together to give an emotional feel to each piece. My life as a veteran has been the inspiration for the 3 Leg Vase. The smooth lines give one look into life, yet upon close inspection, the entire surface is crackled and has variations showing distinction. To create legs such as the ones the vase has taken on a level of torture in which my legs go through every day. Overall, the vase is a ceramic version of how I felt during its creation.


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