Vasefinder International 2012
Exhibitor 96

Deborah Maxwell

Kimball, Michigan, USA

Title: Pit Fired Vase #3

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: No glaze, chemicals and wood

Clay Body: Laguna Stoneware #65

Dimensions: Height 12 inches, Width 5 inches

Artist's Statement: The process of Pit Firing is very primal. It requires creative intuitiveness to achieve a minimalist piece. Salt, sugar, copper sulfate, chicken bones, dog kibble are just a few of the ingredients used to attract shades of blacks, reds and gold.

Her work is currently in the State Capital in Senator Phil Pavlov's office. Her work was part of a MI Artist exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, 2010-2011. One of her pit-fired vessels was selected for installation in the residence Governor Jennifer Granholm as part of the Governor's Residence Michigan Artist Program, from July 2007 - July 2008.

Deborah just returned from Italy studying architectural techniques and Buchchero firing at La Meridiana.

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