Vasefinder Nationals 2010
Exhibitor 95

Veena Raghavan

Falls Church, Virginia, USA

Title: Butterfly Vase

Year of Creation: 2007

Glaze: Celadon

Clay Body: Porcelain

Dimensions: Height 6 inches, Width 4 inches

Artist's Statement: My mission in clay is to create forms that are functional but pleasing to the eye and hand. I conceptualize shapes that are difficult in clay and find ways to achieve the forms or colors. I find it fascinating to develop new techniques to create these forms to interpret them in different ways, and to give each of them a unique identity. My work is a reflection of my life experience. It is a fusion of all the cultures to which I have been exposed. Art is an expression of passion. A work of art is only complete after the last breath that gives it life; be it the stroke of a brush, the pressure of a hand, or the last dab of glaze.

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