Vasefinder Nationals 2010
Exhibitor 39

Ginny Marsh

Rockwall, Texas, USA

Title: Ikebana Vase

Year of Creation: 2009

Glaze: Shino

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 5.5 inches, Width 8 inches

Artist's Statement: You might say I caught ceramics like you catch chicken pox. Once you've been infected, it stays in your nervious system the rest of your life. My own infection with pots has never abated but gotten steadily more insistent and demanding. I never get over enjoying all the processes, most of all the clay itself. Though few of us garden or farm anymore and most of us are separated from an obvious link to the earth, most people seem attracted to hand made pots that bear the mark or their origins. I hope those who use the pots I make find something hopeful, perhaps even beautiful, as well as useful in these connections.

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