Vasefinder Nationals 2010
Exhibitor 24

Bowie Croisant

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Title: That One

Year of Creation: 2008

Glaze: Soda fired with applied ash

Clay Body: Porcelain slip cast

Dimensions: Height 16 inches, Width 6 inches

Artist's Statement: Inspirations for my designs come from a love of geometry, modern architecture and farm machinery commonly seen while growing up in rural southeast Kansas.

3D-CAD software enables me to accurately visualize objects during the design phase of my process. Repeated production and reconfiguration of modular elements allows me to create and continually refine similar yet unique objects.

My vessels are soda fired to emphasize the edges, planes and corners. This firing process allows me to manipulate the kiln atmosphere during the firing to achieve varied results, adding to the uniqueness of each individual work.

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