Vasefinder Nationals 2010
Exhibitor 101

Jim Busby

Accord, New York, USA

Title: Arched Vase Form

Year of Creation: 2009

Glaze: Natural ash glaze

Clay Body: Recyled stoneware with slip

Dimensions: Height 12 inches, Width 6 inches

Artist's Statement: I am intrigued by the elusive simplicity within the tactile universe of clay. I strive, on a daily basis, to remain open-minded, imaginative and playful in my approach. With serious intent, I am compelled to make work that is honest to this medium of art; that in some way expresses what it is to work with clay.

I am obliged to always question and explore and am prone to frequent "failures". Failures are certainly marvelous teachers; they offer us direct insight into the unexpected. They are the ideas we didn't have but should have been looking for. After all, art is about motivation-- at time of exhaustion and renewed inspiration.

The spirit that moves us should be evident in each piece.

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