Vasefinder Nationals 2010
Exhibitor 5

Tara Dawley

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Title: Capped Vase

Year of Creation: 2008

Glaze: Artist's green and yellow salt

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 8 inches, Width 7 inches

Artist's Statement: I've heard it said that we can find harmony in spite of contrasting external issues. I, however, believe that we find harmony because of the relativity that is given to us. Cool water, warm earth and a human touch combined with the volatility of the flame present us with an object that is pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to use. My work emerges from early years spent turning over rocks in the woods and scooping up shells from crystal Missiouri streams. An immersion in nature coupled with an interest in utilizing relativity creates a body of work that speaks with an organic, harmonious voice.

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