Vasefinder Nationals 2007
Exhibitor 82

Sally Campbell

Tyler, Texas

Title: Vase #1, Never Satisfied Series

Year of Creation: 2006

Glaze: Slips, underglazes, sgraffito and clear glaze

Clay Body: Earthenware

Dimensions: Height 25 inches, Width 12.5 inches

Artist's Statement: While constructing the body of this vase I realized its strong resemblance to the female figure. I added shopping bag-like handles to the form, referencing the stereotype of women's shopping habits of which I am personally familiar with.

I asked myself why I like to shop and determined it was caused by a deep gnawing sensation that lingers in my being. Whether it is food, a job or an object such as a tool that I need, I am rarely satisfied.

Painting white slip over the red earthenware form created contrast for drawing into the clay. I then use sgraffito to create the image of a tapeworm wrapping itself around the vase; the worm motif illustrating my realization. Next, I contemplated the times at which I forgot about my needs, wishes and wants. Images of animals that I had memorable relationships came to mind. I saw Taboo, a wolf hybrid I shared time with, frogs I watch and play with and a moth that visited me two days in a row to drink water from my finger. To me, these relationships are magical and bring me more pure joy than anything else. The paintings on Vase #1, Never Satisfied Series depict these animals.

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