Dear Public,

April 1, 2012, will mark 9 years since Vasefinder was launched. January 5, 2012, marked 7 years for this ceramic exhibition. From the beginning, Vasefinder has researched the American Studio Pottery Movement, where we have written brief artist summaries for our museum and articles to let the world know a bit more about this topic. Our summaries and articles are not only authored by Charles and Sherry Blim, its founders, but by potters and members who wanted to take an active part in telling the story about something I like to term The Movement. Vasefinder is like a pot at the wheel that seeks its inspiration from history; we have so much more work to do to bring this pot's design to fruition. It is this work left to do which continues to provide an impetus. Getting back to writing articles for our membership in 2012 will be one of my most important goals, as I have had to take a break in the last couple years on that portion of our work and design.

The work and design of our economic model might take you into uncharted waters. I apologize to those who have had questions about Vasefinder's economic path. I may have not provided answers that seem to come from society or what is familiar. I am one that will never be steered in a direction of win-lose. The history of The Movement and its dedicated men and women dictates the direction of only win-win, and for me that is only how Vasefinder will ever evolve and maintain its existence. That is enough for now, but I will always be grateful for the support of the Vasefinder members and sponsors of this rare event, as the funding to host this exhibition would not exist without you. I am humbled every year by the exhibitors who cross several generations with such a powerful and diverse way of approaches in clay.

It is this diverse way of approaches that a juror must make a decision for his or her favorites from the group. It is a daunting task. And once again, Vasefinder has been gifted with a decision from an amazing juror John Glick. A friend, who I have called in the past A Mentor of the Movement that gave it his best as he carefully, approached the decision among the 125 exhibitors from 6 countries. John, I am so grateful. And lastly and most important, I am so lucky to have such a supportive partner in all of this Sherry, my wife, as we just celebrated 22 years of marriage and enjoy our little girl Carley, who I believe will thankfully break the family tradition of studying economics and become a respected artist in her own right.

Best Regards,

Charles A. Blim Jr., President