Dear Public,

Marked by diversity, the Vasefinder Nationals 2010 has brought together 129 artists from four countries including the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This exhibition is about celebrating the pottery making medium as each entrant provides their single interpretation of the vase form. I am deeply indebted to the Vasefinder membership, who supports the cost of this exhibition, as well as our sponsors. I am also very indebted to many artists that I have never met, but sold their vintage pots in the secondary market to provide funding for our existence. Many of these artists are no longer with us physically on earth, but their history and work will be forever remembered through the writing of Vasefinder. As President of Vasefinder, I would like to say here and now, this exhibition will never charge any artist to enter or sell their work. I believe society already puts too much financial weight on your shoulders, and well, I want to lighten the load. In 2011, the name of this exhibition will be changed to Vasefinder International and include artists from the United Kingdom, as we further spread our global reach.

In the fall of 2004, I sat down with a great functional artist named Bob Nelson and with his input, we created this exhibition. I will always be grateful for his input, as well as his hard work to arrive at a very difficult decision to award the prizes as our 2010 juror. Lastly, I want to thank my family: my wife Sherry, who spends countless hours assisting me on whatever is necessary and my daughter Carley, who spends many days watching Mom and Dad working---her patience at just three years old is amazing.


Charles A. Blim Jr., President