I attended The Northwest College of Art in Oregon for a year and a half and that was my first experience with clay. I learned how to throw, handbuild, glaze, fire and so began my love for all kinds of ceramic work. I don't think there is any kind of clay being done that I don't enjoy in some way. Although my own work tends to be quite tight, I do appreciate wood, salt and soda firing because of all the natural things that happen on the surface of the pots in the kiln.

I would like to thank Charles A Blim Jr. for selecting me to be the juror for Vasefinder Nationals 2007. It was a pleasure for me to view a good variety of decorating techniques, clay bodies, and different kinds of kiln firings entered in this show. I've always enjoy viewing ceramics works by established potters and up and coming clay artists. There were some clever interpretations of a vase that were contemporary, but still functional and then, of course, there was the straight forward vase for the table. I enjoyed all of them! My one wish is that I could have seen the other side of some of the vases, especially the decorated ones. As always, some people were passed by because the quality of the photos were poor. I cannot stress enough how important photographing your work is when you enter a show. Without the piece to look at it is hard for the juror to tell if it is a good pot and bad photo or vice versa. Congratulations to all the winners. I picked all of you because I think you have a really well thought out sense of form and design. Those of you who didn't get an award, don't be discouraged, just keep on making pots, learn as much as you can and continue to enter shows, your day will come.

Elaine Coleman