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Title: Clay Work - Form and Idea in Ceramic Design - by Leon Nigrosh - 1975 - First

Condition: A nice book in collector condition with minimal wear to spine on each end.

Notes: This 22 page hard back book features a comprehensive overview in the
production, design and marketing for the studio potter. The book covers all
areas of making pottery and includes detailed chapters on Clay types, Pinch
pottery techniques, coil building, slab construction, throwing, design in
clay, traditional decorating techniques, adapting commercial decorating
techniques, glaze types, firing methods, kilns, wheels, studio equipment,
plasters, marketing your wares, dictionary of ceramic terms etc. Other
sections include a list of atomic weights and common elements and their
oxides, ceramic raw materials, clay and glaze recipes, solutions to glaze
problems, list of manufacturers, Orton temerature equivalent charts.

There are numerous pottery pieces made by well known studio potters shown
throughout this book including examples made by: Leon F. Moburg (3pcs) ,
Howard Kottler, Patti Warashina (2pcs), Brother Thomas, Rochester Folk Art
, Gerry Williams, Elsa Rady, Leon Nigrosh, Pat Lay, Judy Rose
Dornbush, Richard Shaw (3pcs), Harriet Taub, Nancy Selvage, Don McCance,
Nadine Hurst, Mary Jane Edwards, Gary Smith, Gail Seavey, Edward Harkness,
Margot Baxter, Elfi Schuselka, Rick Knopf, George Wolfkeil, Merrimac Pottery
Company ca. 1910 early embossed bowl, Chester Old, Caryn Ostrowe, Penny
Caroline Hood
, Margot Baxter, Dennis Parks, Nancy Peterson, John Costanza,
Christopher Bartlett
, Susanna Stephenson, John W. Conrad, Sophia Fenton,
Marilyn Levine
, Gerald Janosco, Barbara Grygutis, Helen Richter Watson,
Harriet Brisson
, Tom Supensky, Barbara Ford, Daisdy Brand, Laurie Adams,
John Forgey
, Jim Cantrell, Steve Haworth, Robert Parrott, Roberta Griffith,
Bette Casteel
, David Atkinson, Adele Firsheim, John Perri, William Coombs
tea pot, Gilbert Bassin sculpture, Victor Spinski, Turker Ozdogon, Donna
, Carolyn Long, Gary T. Smith, Irvin Tepper, Thom Collins, Edward
, Mary Lou Alberetti, Gordon Orear, Randy Miseph, Charles Mailn, G.
, Bill Stewart, William Wilhelmi, William Suworoff, John Heller,
Charles Malin
, John Goodheart, Robert Winokur, Georgette Zirbes, Jim Hurt,
Steve Haworth
, Katalin Radnoti, J. David Broudo, llse Johnson, Irvin Tepper,
David Wiener
, Elizabeth C. Kron, Linda Arndt, Patrick Siler, Ka-Kwong-Hui,
Donald P. Taylor
, Les Lawrence, Malcolm Cochran, Thomas Herrington
1825 water cooler stoneware from Connecticut, Don Reitz, David Halsey, Bruce
, Rick Hensley, chinese and japanese pottery pieces shown. Many of
these potters have several pieces featured in this book. An interesting
section on kiln design and press and plaster molds is also very interesting.

Price: $35 plus shipping

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