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Title: Pioneer Pottery - Michael Cardew - 1973 - 3rd edition

Condition: Nice collector condition

Notes: This 327 page hardback book is from the ceramic book collection of a former pottery student of F. Carlton Ball. This thick potters book has a nice foreward written by famous St Ives potter Bernard Leach. it mentions how Michael Cardew came to study with him at St.Ives some forty five years earlier. He mentions the most genuine slip ware since the 18th century was being made by Michael during his stay in Winchcombe. He mentions Michael's travels to Africa and Nigeria his efforts to assist with pottery operations in those countries. The authors preface details Michaels personal thoughts in writing this book and his desire to bridge the gap between the territory of science and that of art. The book covers important topics for the average potter for use in making fine pottery. He details the geology aspect of rock and clay for potters, Clay types (Kaolinite, Kaolin, looking for clays etc), Silica tyoes and sources, Felspar types, Other raw materials, Pottery bodies (firing, thermal expansion, formulating a stoneware body, glaze fit etc), Making pots (Kwali, Jebba, Vume, Llorin, Hausa, wheels, tools, kneading, throwing, lids, covers, handles, tea pots, moulded dishes etc), Glazes (glass, seger formula, fusibility, maturing range, matt galzes, iron glazes, opaque, pigments, double glazing and more), Potters refractories, The Kiln (open firing, terracotta firing, grog, talc in saggars, fire bricks, thermal insulation, kiln design, etc),The workshop, The product. There are other detailed sections covering clay tests, smapling, brick making, Brongniarts formula, screw threads - Potters tap and die-nut, Ball Mills, Walkers balance, Glaze calculations, Temperature chart, Thermocouple pyrometer. There are several photo's and kiln diagrams in this comprehensive potters book. Photo's of primitive potters making pots in Nigeria, very early Chinese stoneware, Tang and Sung period stoneware pieces, early ginger jars and japansese tea pots, jugs from Cyprus, Jemdet Nasr jug from Iraq 3000BC. Lots of formulas and firing temperatures are also seen in this book. The book is in nice condition with some potters slip covered finger prints seen on covers as this was used in an active workshop.

Price: $36 plus shipping

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