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Title: Making Pottery Without a Wheel. By F. Carlton Ball & Janice Lovoos - 1st
edition. 1965

Condition: Nice collector condition

Notes: This 160 page soft bound book is a comprehensive guide featuring numerous close up photo's and techniques on making hand built and slab built studio pottery. The text covers areas such as texturing the clay, coil building, making a pinch pot, draping clay on a found mold, hump mold, sling mold, paper tube mold, newspaper mold, clay mold or pre formed cardboard mold and other molds. Assembling forms, free standing slab construction, preparing pots for the kiln, terra sigillata, glaze recipes, glossary of terms. There are numerous photo's throughtout this book showing many textures that can be done on clay with rollers, utensils, rulers,
wheels andother common day objects. Lots of interesting photo's of hand
built vase forms, slab built bowls, leaf trays, fish cut outs,and several
large coild built sculptures are shown in this book. Large section on glazes
recipes in the back. Bibliography in the back includes other pottery books
written by Bernard Leach, F.H. Norton, Marguerite Wildenhain, Vincent Eley,
Daniel Rhodes, and Ceramic Monthly to name a few.

Price: $22 plus shipping

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