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Title: Syllabus for Beginning Pottery - F. Carlton Ball - 1971 - Third edition

Condition: Used condition

Notes: This is a clean copy of a book written by famous studio pottery F.C. Ball.
This book was used for many years as a text book when enrolled in his
ceramic class. This instruction book covers all areas of ceramics. From
studio etiquette and equipment, ceramics history and the industry overall,
kinds of clay - preparing, care of clay and firing clay, clay forming and
tools used, types of pottery including earthenware, stoneware chinaware and
porcelain, kilns and open pit firing, pyrometric cones, temperature
measures, pyrometers, glazes, focus on firm, slips and englobes, decorative
techniques, digging your own clay. There are diagrams on kilns and kiln
designs shown. There is a detailed glossary in the back and even a few pages
of study questions on the last 2 pages to test if you were paying attention
in his pottery class. An interesting chapter on the history of ceramics and
the term "keramos" and how it was used in various cultures. A nice clean
book with lots of information on ceramics.

Price: $12 plus shipping

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