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Title: Brush Decoration - The Marc Bellaire Book of Brush Decoration for Ceramics - tenth edition

Condition: Nice collector condition

Notes: This 63 page book was was published by the publishers of ceramic monthly and features many pages of photo's showing Marc Bellaire's techniques of decorating pottery. There are detailed sections covering brush selection, care of brushes, preparing underglazes, holding the brush, working with greenware, preparing the greenware for decorating, planning the decoration, the pencil plan and
decorating projects. There are many close up photo's showing brush strokes
and practive with the brush. A section covers making leaf forms and other
abstract designs, another shows animal and people forms. There are nice
pieces decorated by Marc Bellaire throughout this book. Follow the design in
the photo's towards completion. Several intersting 60's abstract animal,
fish, birds and people forms are seen on his work. Interesting dinnerware
designs also shown.

Price: $15 plus shipping

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