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Title: Studio Potter Magazine - Volume 8 - Number2 - 1980

Condition: Nice collector condition

Notes: This 72 page copy covers several feature articles that include: A memorial to Frans Wildenhain 1905-1980 with nice text and a large portrait of him, Woodfiring with a bourry box kiln, Glazes from Native Quebec materials, A converastion with
Bill (William) Wilhelm, Japanese Wood reduced electric kiln, Heath issues in
ceramics, Making a Yunnan steamer, Understanding glass calculations, A Nolan
Amphora by the brygos Painter, Preserving the past - a restorers role (in
restoring american indian pottery vases - mimbres), Twelve Arizone Potters -
articles on each potter including: Randy Schmidt, Robert McKusick, Casabel
Clay Works
, Richard Johnson, Rose and Erni Cabat (nice photo's inlcuding
them standing in front of 15 cabat feelie vases), Barbara Grygutis, Don
, along with George and Neely Tomkins. A nice issue filled with
interesting articles and many photo's of AZ pottery operations, kilns, and
other diagrams.

Price: $20 plus shipping

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