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Title: Raku: A Practical Approach - 2nd edition - 2001

Author: Steven Branfman

Condition: New

Notes: This 176 page softback contains an explanation of the history, concepts and techniques for making raku. There are forewards by Hal Riegger and Paul Soldner. The book covers clays, methods of pottery forming from hand-building, throwing and molded/slipcast ware methods, glazes and decoration, kilns and the firing processes. The book encourages experimentation, to question, to be curious, to accept and understand raku in more than one dimension. There is a superb section on kilns and firing. Both colored and black and white photographs of example raku pots and the process presented throughout this excellent reference. Dozens of clay bodies and glaze recipes, plus recommendations on commercial products are included. This is a must have book for the potter who wants to create raku pots!

Price: $26.00 plus shipping, this is a Special Reduced Price, regularly $30.00

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