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Lois Marion Swart: Petite Giant
Virginia Weisel: Inspired by Design
Monte Colgren: A Design Not Interrupted
George Roberts: A Poetic Design
The Snake River Pottery: A Theater for Design
The McDonald Pottery: Clay with a Voice
Eunice Prieto Damron: A Classy Confidence
Paul Bogatay: A Jaunt to the Splendorous Past
Maurice Grossman: Now and Zen
George Palovich and Janet Trisler of TriPal Arts: The Magnetic Quality of Clay
John Karrasch: The Integrity in the Man
Ben Kypridakis: Beautiful, Bright Candy
Nels and Betty Mears: An Artistic Partnership
Jenny Floch: Bringing Beauty into the World
Louis Mideke: Functional is Fantastic
Pauline Shinazy: A Way of Life
John Glick: A Mentor of the Movement
Hal Lasky: History of the Puerto Rican Pottery Part One
Walter Sullivan Roche: Modernist
Hal Lasky: History of the Puerto Rican Pottery Part Two
Frank Colson: To Create Without Bounds
Jo Robinson: Spontaneous Visions in Clay
William Clover : The Right Road
Macy Dorf: The Perfect Recipe
Sam Scott: Setting the Tone
Mimi Patrick: The Natural
Paul Herman: A Cool Excitement
Bob Nelson: A Clay Symphony
Lance Roberts: Serenity in Ceramics
Joe Winter: No Vertical Limits
Richard S. Lang: The Wheel is Always Turning
Melissa Vaughn: Touching the Future
Larry Manning: Society in Clay
Peter Chartand: Never Far from the Fire
Steven Branfman: A Passion for Clay
Dick Lehman: Life Lessons
Joe Bruhin: Gifts from the Temple
Meech Miyagi: A Greener Path
Rebecca Morton: Realizing the Vision
Sara Baker: Finding the Balance
Frank Matranga: Clay is His Vehicle