Vasefinder International 2012
Exhibitor 84

David Seeger

Baltimore, County Cork, Ireland

Title: Twirling the Edge

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: Clear & red fired to 1260 degrees C, gold & platinum luster fired to 800 degrees C

Clay Body: White stoneware

Dimensions: Height 4.92 inches, Width 3.94 inches

Artist's Statement: I am very interested in the implications of "the New Physics" and quantum theory, where the certainty of the "Uncertainty Principle" prevails.

I am happy to accept that there has to be a complete re-think of the fundamentals of so-called conventional science, by which we are all unjustly and unhealthily ruled.

What the eyes see, the hands touch and the heart feels, and know to be true, are incompatible with those old ways of understanding.

Imagination and Art are the media for this necessary change.

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