Vasefinder International 2012
Exhibitor 42

Sanae Shirai

Auckland, Central Auckland, New Zealand

Title: Black Robe of Feathers

Year of Creation: 2011

Glaze: Black matt

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 14.76 inches, Width 13.98 inches

Artist's Statement: There is a myth of the 'robe of feathers' in Japan. It tells us of an angel with the celestial robe of feathers. She gently came down to the beautiful Miho Beach, a famous place to look at Mt. Fuji and swim in the ocean. A local fisherman falls in love and entraps her as his wife by hiding her robe in a pine tree while she was swimming.

So I have changed the robe of feathers to black sails. Both are symbols of freedom for me. When they feel the wind, they change their shape and can move to go anywhere.

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