Vasefinder International 2012
Exhibitor 23

Nan Rothwell

Faber, Virginia, USA

Title: Large Salt-Fired Vase

Year of Creation: 2011

Glaze: Salt glazed with two brown and orange sprayed slips, celadon interior

Clay Body: Highwater Clay Phoenix, cone 10

Dimensions: Height 25 inches, Width 13 inches

Artist's Statement: Although I've been potting for over forty years, I've often had trouble throwing large forms in sections. I could create satisfactory forms where there was supposed to be a distinct change of direction between parts, but found it hard to mask the joints to create a continuing curve. This January I took a workshop from my old friend Kevin Crowe, and using his techniques, I am now finally making progress on large forms. This large salt glazed vase is the nicest of the multiple pots I have been making since January. About 25" tall, with two different flashing slips sprayed on the outside, it was fired in my salt kiln. The shape on the upper shoulder was a happy accident--a drip of the liner celadon glaze that I decided I liked.

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