Vasefinder International 2012
Exhibitor 123

Joyce Diveley

Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA

Title: Guarding The Lake

Year of Creation: 2011

Glaze: Low fired 05

Clay Body: Low fired red

Dimensions: Height 23 inches, Width 13 inches

Artist's Statement: Hand building a large vase, creates it's challenges, one of the biggest being an interesting shape that catches your eye, and sets the vase apart. "Guarding the Lake" is an eye catching tree form, with bright warm hues, swirling lines that give the piece energy, and it tells a story too! Hand built of a warm red clay, the glaze colors enhance and contrast with the "natural clay" and set the tone for a woodland story. An owl, sitting on a branch, "guards" the lake....doing his job....and brings the entire piece to a final story....a moment caught in the woods that commands a closer look. Enjoy the view!

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