Vasefinder International 2012
Exhibitor 115

Lorraine Robson

Threemiletown, Linlithgow, West Lothian, United Kingdom

Title: Internal Forces

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: Internal matt slate grey glaze

Clay Body: Earthenware

Dimensions: Height 9.45 inches, Width 5.51 inches

Artist's Statement: I create intuitively, a fusion of ideas, drawing on a kaleidoscope of images and observations to make work with a unique identity balanced between organic, man-made and manufactured references.

Abstract in nature, my work allows the viewer to interpret their own understanding and question my works origins.

Inspiration, perhaps only a glimpse in the finished work, stems from my interest in nature, human form, primitive tools, childhood games and cross cultural museum artifacts, along with a myriad of observations from every day life. It intrigues me to toy with these visual influences out with the context I find them in.

While I frequently plan and design individual works based on sketches and photographs I allow myself freedom to explore new ideas suggested occasionally by unconscious thought as the work develops. The painstakingly slow method of coil building facilitates this fluid design method.

I'm excited that one idea can lead to many and this exploration motivates me to constantly question my aesthetics and techniques, necessary for the growth of ideas and challenges.

With ideas, the sculptural qualities in my ceramics are of utmost importance to me. That is my roots. My interest is in form rather than relying on surface colour or pattern to capture imagination. I, therefore, deliberately choose a monochrome pallet of one overall colour to focus on subtleties of shape and form with glaze used only occasionally for emphasis of form or detail.

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